Smile Design

Smile Design in Turkey

Introduction to Smile Makeover

Smile makeover (often known as smile design) in Turkey is planning the aesthetically flawless, natural, and healthy look of the patients’ smiles.

This field is concerned with the aesthetic look of teeth, gums, and oral health.We build the perfect grin with a smile makeover in Turkey by offering the aesthetic look of associated regions such as lips, teeth, and gums.

MB Dent Center is one of the top dental clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, offering smile design treatments.

What Is the Smile Makeover?

The process of enhancing the look and health of your teeth and gums via a series of dental operations is known as a smile makeover.

We use smile makeover therapy to align your teeth attractively, remove stains, and make fractured teeth seem healthy.

A smile makeover is our treatment method. We follow tailor-made treatment phases and provide all essential treatments in a coordinated fashion to obtain the most beautiful and natural-looking smile appearance.

During the smile makeover procedure, we will evaluate your teeth and explain the treatment stages required to obtain the desired picture.

To get an appealing smile, we consider which treatments, such as teeth whitening, implants, veneers, and crowns, are appropriate for you and begin treatment.

Why Is Smile Makeover Necessary?

Specific aspects must be addressed while creating a new ‘Smile Design’ for our patients to attain the best results.

This smile aesthetic is tailored to each individual, considering the person’s age, facial shape, demands, and goals.

  • For a ‘Smile Makeover’ to be flawless, our specialized dentists must additionally consider the following:
  • ‘Pink Aesthetics,’ also known as gingival/gum aesthetic.
  • Treatment of inflamed gums as needed.
  • Lip Contouring.
  • Which dental coating to use based on the geometry of the teeth.
  • Teeth size adjustment based on jaw structure.
  • Dental design allows for chin and lip level adjustment.
  • Choosing and matching tooth color.
  • Final insertion into the patient’s mouth.
  • Considering everything mentioned above, a precise, tailored treatment plan is created for the patient.

How Is Smile Design Done in Turkey?

Before beginning smile makeover treatments, it is essential that we accurately grasp the patient’s aesthetic aspirations and develop the appropriate treatment plans. Problems are recognized in the models that measure the patient’s mouth, and treatment plans are developed.

Following treatment planning for smile design, the patient’s oral and facial images are assessed in a computer environment using specific applications.

The tooth, gingiva, and facial harmony that is most compatible is calculated.

The patient is shown the closest view following treatment using these grin design calculations.

A re-evaluation is conducted using the patient’s thoughts.
Suppose the patient has gum difficulties after the Smile makeover planning. In that case, initially, gum therapy is begun, and the issues are treated.

Implant therapy and other necessary surgical applications are by treatment planning in patients with tooth deficits.

If teeth whitening is required, it is conducted after the healing period after surgical procedures. By the treatment plan, the visual defects of the teeth are interwoven with porcelain laminate veneer, zirconium, or attractive composite filling treatments.

Taking the patient’s feedback during porcelain laminate veneer or zirconium treatments results in an optimum dental cosmetic outcome.

Lip form and contour are also essential considerations in smile design treatment planning. The patients’ lip shapes are examined throughout the treatment planning phase, and the most natural and beautiful smiles are supplied for the patients.

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How Long Does Smile Makeover Take?

One of the most common queries from patients seeking smile aesthetic therapy is, “How long can I have an aesthetic smile?” The length of smile makeover procedures in Turkey varies from person to person.

For example, if we have little gaps between our teeth or slight defects in the form of our teeth, we may get the perfect smile in a single session using Bonding therapy.

For those unsatisfied with the shade of their teeth, 40-minute teeth whitening session might be the solution.

When individuals need orthodontic treatment, treatment time frames may vary depending on the degree of the crowding. When porcelain laminate veneers are wanted, the usual treatment time might range between 4 and 7 days.

As can be seen, the time of the smile makeover treatment might vary depending on the patient’s needs and the therapies required.

How Much Is a Smile Makeover in Turkey?

Smile Design takes a multidisciplinary approach and employs a variety of methods. As a result, smile makeover rates in Turkey vary depending on the techniques to be used.

  • Cost of a smile makeover in Turkey Roughly €3500

    With 20 porcelain and 20 zirconium teeth.

However, as previously said, pricing will vary depending on acceptable transactions.

Why Choose Turkey for A Smile Makeover?

  • 1

    Affordable Price:
    Due mainly to their reasonable price, cosmetic dentistry procedures have exploded in popularity in recent years. MB Dent Center Turkey provides lower-cost treatment choices.

    Our smile makeover expenses are reduced since running a dental clinic in Turkey is less costly than in other regions of Europe. Even though we provide the same branded goods, the overall cost of therapy would be cheaper than at clinics in Australia or Western Europe.

  • 2

    Quality Dental Products:
    Despite our low costs, we do not sacrifice the quality of the items we utilize. We choose branded items the same way you would in other regions of Europe.

    We do not provide low-cost “versions” of high-quality dental items. When you buy a dental implant, veneer, or crown from us, you can be sure that you are obtaining a high-quality item.

  • 3

    Customized Treatment Plans:
    MB Dent Center Turkey will treat you with cosmetic dental operations tailored to your requirements.

    In the center, we develop smile makeover products and personalize treatment choices to ensure you receive the desired results.

    If you want a brighter and whiter smile or to close an unsightly gap between your teeth, we can help. We understand your worries and will give you the outcomes you deserve.

Creating Your New Smile at MB Dent Center Turkey:

The dental specialist will take images of your mouth before and after your smile makeover to compare. The dentist will take precise measurements to create a dental model of your mouth.

We will upload the model to a computer and use specialized 3D design tools to create your personalized digital grin design. The smile design lets you visualize how your smile will change before the operation.

You will discuss your chosen tooth color and any unique dental difficulties at this stage. The expert will upload the final smile design to the computer-linked CEREC machine to create the new smile design.

Before the final fitting, the specialist will evaluate the smile design in your mouth and make any required modifications.

We will compare the final shots of your new smile to the original ones and demonstrates the changes in your mouth. A smile makeover takes between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the tooth structure and materials required.

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